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Who really loves crayfish?

You might be asking yourself, what is a crayfish and what does it taste like?

The easy answer is they are a lot like lobster only smaller. They have similar

meat texture and flavor. Crayfish are typically caught in fresh water unlike their

cousin the lobster that live in saltwater. Crayfish fishing seasons are typically in

spring and summer months. Crayfish don't hibernate but become very active when the waters warm from the sun.

Crayfish In Butter And Garlic

There are many ways to prepare crayfish. From the traditional crayfish boil with crayfish, sausage,corn and southern spices to my favorite with butter and garlic. Crayfish boils are a great way to celebrate with friends and family. It's a fun social occasion. Prepared boil is dumped and eaten right off the table top.

Fishing For Crayfish On The Geronimo 3

Crayfish Boil

If you are thinking about having a crayfish boil for your event, order online or give us a call.

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