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Gearing Up For Crayfish Fishing 2018

We are very excited about this coming year!!! We will have more gear in the water and have new partner alliances. Henderson Inlet Crawfish has made agreements with other licensed

Washington commercial crawfish fishermen. As some of you know, live crayfish from other states are not allowed into Washington State. We have negotiated to give you more purchasing options.

Jumbo Crayfish

Henderson Inlet Seafood's is dedicated to a responsible and sustainable harvest of crayfish. All our crayfish are wild caught and not farmed. We are regulated by crawfish size and trap type.

All crayfish under 3 1/4 inches must be released. Current regulation insures this fishery will be around for future generations to enjoy.

The Snake River

I have been told by many people that have

eaten both southern states crawfish and our

local crayfish that Washington crawfish taste

sweeter and are bigger.

If your thinking about trying a crawfish boil

for the first time or you are a veteran at it,

Henderson Inlet Crayfish would be glad to

fill your order, large or small.

Season opens May 1st 2018.

Order Now!!!

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